Two things about Day One


1) I have a metal toe, apparently.

2) Great airport, slow wifi.

I bought new socks for the trip– after wearing mainly white athletic ankle socks for the past six months. As I went through security, they called me out for  secondary inspection. The nice TSA man said “Huh. Never seen that before. It’s your toe.” Apparently, my right toe region set something off in the scanner. After a quick wanding, I was waved through.

LR National, or the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport as it’s now known, has undergone a very nice refurbishing. In my travels, I’ve always been surprised that OTHER airports don’t offer free wifi. LR does. Nice touch. But it actually feels a bit slow compared to my home connection.

I’ve blogged before– for my former employer– but never for myself. So this is new ground for me. Be patient. I’d been thinking about it for some time but “I don’t have anything to say” kept echoing in my mind, and keeping me from committing to it. Maybe it was the beer in plastic cups (damn you, Town Pump) or maybe it was simply my friend Kyran Pittman saying “you should totally do it.” But here it is. I may not have much to say. Haven’t really decided. If nothing else, you’ll see someone else’s vacation snaps and learn about olive pressing.


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