Abbey Road


We’re not sedentary while we’re here, but we did feel the need for some exercise, so we drove 20-30 minutes to the town of Urbisaglia to take advantage of the beautiful grounds of 12th Century Fiastra Abbey. 

We passed some ancient Roman ruins along the way, but only after we passed the Cantine Saputi, or Saputi Winery, where we filled our neighbor’s 5-liter jug and our own one-liter bottles with the local wine. Cost: The 5-liter just was just over 7 euros, and the two bottles were just under 3 euros. And yes, the wine is good.



This is how the monks used to do it, back in the day:



That press had to be 20 ft tall, and probably a couple of tons. The Abbey is a beautiful, tranquil place, still run by Cistercian monks. 



A handful of monks were inside at noon for midday prayers. Image


Listening to them pray and chant felt a bit like eavesdropping, but I did cross myself at holy water font and said a few prayers of my own kneeling on the unpadded kneelers at the back of the church. (“Dear God, I need a job.”)

We walked the gravel path around the grounds for about 50 minutes and got our heart rates up, so that felt good. Passed an agriturismo (closed for the season) that raises sheep, geese, chickens and agricultural crops. We just missed the opening hours for the Agricultural Co-op, which sells local meats, charcuterie and salumi. (Shop hours tend to go from 7 or 8 til 12 or 12:30, then siesta until 4:30 and open again until 8-ish. Makes scheduling town trips interesting.

That’s it for now. Ciao, bambini.



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