In case of emergency


“In caso neve o gniacchio”

We see these signs on the way up the mountain to Casa Mosaica. We had worried that there might actually be a law that sai you had to have snow chains on your tires after November 15, but our friend Bob said that’s just for the motorways. Which is bassackwards, as the motorways get the most traffic and attention. Even so, after the 10cm of snow last night, our little country road was plowed cleared. Clio looks good in her white bonnet.


And the house didn’t look too bad, either.



We drove down the mountain to the town to do our errands and found it snow-less. After an aperitivo, we headed back up to the house and made this:



As we were putting the dishes away, it started snowing again. 


So, I think I’ve got it figured out now. In case neve o gniacchio, (in case of snow or ice), do this:





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