Heeeere's Johnny!


It’s been a quiet day at Casa Mosaica. We’re basically snowed in. We could get out, and I actually did go for a short drive on the freshly-plowed road, just to prove I could. But to go much farther, we’d probably have to put chains on, and I just wasn’t going there. So we stayed in and worked around the house.


I’ve had fleeting visions of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” at various points in the day. But not to worry. I’m not given to bouts of violence. Bouts of self-doubt, self-loathing, depression, manic-depression, twitches and gas, yes. Violence, no.


 I love the snow. I spent seven years in Idaho as a kid and simply can’t NOT go out in it to this day. So I was glad when Lisa (the former owner of the house) called from England today and suggested that we might want to go out and knock the wet, heavy snow off the 72 olive trees to prevent limb breakage. I’ve been worried about not getting enough exercise… no more. Part of the orchard is on about a 35-45° angled hillside, and with 6-8 inches of wet, heavy snow, at about 33°F, I did get a good workout. Also lost feeling in two of my fingertips. I’m really, really hoping it comes back. I’m rather fond of those two fingers.

Side note: Olive wood smells really good when it’s burning in the fireplace– sweet. I wasn’t sure we were burning olive wood until I got up close and personal with the trees during the snow-knocking. I’d love to grill something over it.


 The interwebs have been very much hit and miss today. I’d try to go to a site, and I’d get an all-text version. It feels like I’m on dial-up. Haven’t had problems up to now, so I’m supposing it has something to do with the weather. I’m about to switch browsers and see if that has an affect (from Safari to Firefox).

 Glass of local Rosso Piceno to go with our garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes and salad—with our own olive oil and vinegar dressing… a fine, simple supper.

 After knocking the snow off 72 olive trees, I’m plumb tuckered out. I’m excited because I’ve got a Skype call scheduled tomorrow with my three offspring. Been missing those guys. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow. Night, y’all.



3 thoughts on “Heeeere's Johnny!

  1. Marleen

    Enjoying your musings here Bill. It’s not as good as having you here enjoying a good beer while I enjoy a glass of vino, but – reading about your adventures in Italy is almost as good as being there with you. Almost. : )
    Luff you!

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