I can see clearly now


Friday dawned gloriously clear. So what did we do?


(The Sibillini Mountains from my bedroom this morning)

Went to Ikea, in Ancona (about an hour’s drive). I can’t say that I’ve “shopped” in an Ikea before. I had lunch in one, but that doesn’t really count. Now I can say that I have done my time. And this time, I accompanied a woman on a mission. We spent close to six hours there. Dear sweet baby Jesus, pray for me. At one point I went out to the parking lot to measure the car for a large piece of furniture we were contemplating. The shopper experience is so well designed, it took me 30 minutes to get out of the store (“you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave”). I felt like Walter in “On Golden Pond.” There’s an up escalator, but no down. I could see the entrance we used from the floor above, but could not get there. Crazy making. I had to make the entire 3-floor odyssey all the way down through the warehouse and final checkout to finally exit the building. A nightmare.

But some cool sh@t, for sure.

I was so exhausted last night, I didn’t post this. Incidentally, last night was the first night since I’ve been here that I went to bed before midnight. It finally caught up with me. So pardon the delay.

We tried desperately to find the LSU-Arkansas game (a family tradition) online last night, but no luck (web’s still weirding out on us). But I deduce that the Tigers won. Geaux Tigers!

Today is another beautiful day, so we’re going to go to Tolentino and see the Basilica of St. Nicholas.



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